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Export Trade Finance

Anita Exim and Factor


Anita Exim and Factor acts as intermediary between buyer and seller eliminating all credit risk.

Advance up to 90%

Leverage international AR and turn into cash within 1-2 days.

Collections and Reporting

Collecting receivables and book keeping on your behalf.



International factoring is an agreement between a factor and a supplier (exporter) in which the factor purchase the supplier’s accounts receivables, in the form of invoices, The factor advances against the client’s invoices, collects the accounts receivable from customers and performs the related bookkeeping functions.


The difference with non-recourse as opposed to recourse factoring is that the factor’s client (Expoerter) has no liability with any uncollected invoices, the factor assumes all the risk. Non-Recourse factoring acts like credit insurance in that if any account debtor defaults or does not pay, the factor is solely responsible or shortfall of the payment.


A non recourse factor serves as your international credit department by continually monitoring the creditworthiness of your international customers, assuming full credit on approved sales, and performing your bookkeeping and collection work.

  • Anita Exim and Factor incepts the creditworthiness of your international customers.
  • Anita Exim and Factor buys your receivables from your export business and pays you the amount immediately upon the loading of your goods.
  • Anita Exim and Factor handles the management of your accounts receivables as well as the complete dunning process
  • Manufactures
  • Wholesalers
  • Traders
  • Branded Companies
  • Appreal & Textiles
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food & Beverages
  • Electronics
  • Industrial & Mechanical
  • And others

If your customer cannot pay due to insolvency, Anita Exim and Factor offers 100% insurance against default or shortfall of payment.

  • For most fast-growth companies, bank financing will be limited, and limiting. Factoring and trade finance provides on-going support with no ceiling or cap.
  • Most other factoring and finance companies, and even many banks,; will not offer financing on international sales. Anita Exim and Factor Finances can replace or supplement your existing financing arrangements.
  • In today’s economy banks and traditional lenders credit and understanding standards have become increasingly stringent and unrealistic. Anita Exim and Factor Finances cab be your flexible alternative.
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