Who are we?

Anita Exim established in Pune, in the year 2004, with a start in Logistics and Customs handling, backed by more than 25 years of Core experience in Indian Foreign Trade compliance. Since 2004 it was a long journey and we achieved a remarkable progress and Service reputation in respective field.

The Services sector catering to Foreign Trade Compliances, Customs clearing Forwarding, Entry support to Foreign Companies with respect to border crossing compliance and Indian Foreign Trade Policy.

In the year 2017, we have expanded our activities to Corporate Farming, Corporate Livestock Production, Import of Export of Agri Produce, Processed Food and tender Goat Meat.

We have also mastered the latest technologies and innovation in Residue free agri product, Organic produce and Free Range, antibiotic free red Meat for Retail and Export markets.

Meet Our Team